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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christian Formation for Sunday Dec. 9 - Malachi 3:1-4; The Coming Messenger

Dec 9, 2012, Advent 2
Malachi 3:1-4
The Coming Messenger
Background: The book of Malachi is found in the Book of the Twelve, a compilation of the 12 Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. Malachi is unique because it is not named for a specific prophet but is called “my messenger” (Hebrew: mal’ aki [מַלְאָכִי]). Along with the anonymous author the book is not specifically dated. However, the book appears to be a single unit with the exception of the opening verse and the closing verses.
Theme: This passage announces a coming messenger(s) who will prepare for God’s return. The messenger will bring a message demanding sanctification and return to right behaviors by Israel, socially, religiously, and communally. The messenger reminds the Israelites to remember their covenant relationship with God.
Questions to Ponder
* Please skim all of Malachi to develop a sense of context, setting, and overall message of the book.
* Briefly describe the social, political, and religious setting of the text. Who might be “in charge” of running Israel’s government and their religious practices?
* When do you think this book was written, less the date and more the historical timing (pre- or post-exile, pre- or post-temple, etc.)?
* What do you think the tone of the book is? What might Malachi’s intent be in conveying the message of God to his society?
* In the opening verse (3:1), who do you think is speaking? Is it God speaking through the messenger or prophet? Or might it be the messenger’s words?
* How many messengers do you think are spoken about in this passage?
* Who might the messenger(s) be? If there are two spoken of, do you think a single person could fulfill both roles?
* When the messenger says the people will be unable to stand when the messenger of the covenant comes (3:2) to what might they be referring?
* If there are two messengers described in the text, what are the functions of the different messengers? One could argue there is the messenger described starting in verse 1 and the messenger of the covenant described starting in verse 2.
* What might the purpose of the refiner’s fire and fullers’ soap be? Why might that be important in Israel’s current setting (in the book)?
* How do you imagine the Levites’ role has changed from the outset to the proscription of the messenger? Why do you think their role has changed?
* What do you think the overall message of the book is? What do you think the messenger is telling the Israelites about their practice and adherence to the covenant?
* How does this passage shape our understanding of God’s relationship with Israel? How is this passage a story of good news for the Israelites?
* How does this passage inform our current life as worshiping Christians?
* What applications can we draw from this passage?

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