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Welcome to St. John's community. We are honored to serve Christ, and to open our doors to all. Please feel free to join us for worship. St. John's can trace its history to the founding of Jamestown. The parish is over 350 years old, and the church building itself has stood for 2 and a half centuries. St. John's saw the American Revolution and served as a camp ground for troops during the Civil War. Through it all, St. John's has been a place of worship and a home for those seeking communion with Christ. St. John's has a rich and abiding history. Today, it is as it was... a place to find and be found by Christ.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sermon for 6 Easter (A) - May 29, 2011

Happy Rogation Sunday to all, it was a beautiful Sunday at St. John’s. It looks like we've headed into summer in the span of a week. It has been quite warm in Southside Virginia over the past couple days and the past week.  

Things are shaping up for a wonderful summer at St. John's and we celebrated a milestone in our life today with the arrival of our new permanent Organist and Music Minister, Mr. Roger Peyton. His official first Sunday is next week but he had been hired as a substitute today, just in case we had a delay in our deliberations for calling a new Organist. Today’s sermon was entitled “Come and hear God to help address your fears.” Enjoy and peace to all,



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sermon for the 5th Sunday of Easter - 5/22/2011

It was a wonderful and blessed day as we celebrated the 5th Sunday of Easter; the church season is getting ready to change and the weather here is a little premature – spring is getting ready to turn to summer. It has been a time of growth with our fabric sale for the Foodbank of Southeast Virginia Friday and Saturday - raised a nice amount of money for a worthy cause. We also had our last audition for Organist and hope to have a decision made shortly. I hope you enjoy today’s sermon that is entitled “How are we called to be living stones for God?”


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sermon for Easter 4 Year A - the middle of Easter

Happy middle of Easter! We had a good worship service on the Good Shepherd Sunday. We also had annual visitors putting flowers in the graveyard this morning – every 3rd Sunday in May like clockwork. It was a bit interesting celebrating with a sling on my right arm for most of the service. In all it was a great service and all were fed by our time together. We had the chance to celebrate health and wellness while praying for the health and wellness of our loved ones who are in the hospital. Today’s sermon was taken from the 23rd Psalm and was entitled “The Lord is My Shepherd.”

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fabric sale for the Foodbank

Come one, come all to help the St. John's Outreach Team support the Southeastern Virginia Foodbank!

The St. John's Outreach Team is hosting a fabric sale and canned goods collection for the Southeastern Virginia Foodbank in the church Parish Hall at 828 King's Hwy in Suffolk. The sale will run from 10 am to 6 pm on Friday May 20 and Saturday May 21. The sale includes high quality: cotton fabric at $3/yard; fashion fabric at $5/yard; assorted craft and sewing supplies; books; and patterns. For more information contact the church office at 255-4168 or stjohns1755@verizon.net.
Come early for the best selection and the opportunity to restock your textiles while helping less privileged families in Southeastern Virginia.  ALL proceeds will be donated to the Southeastern Virginia Foodbank.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sermon for the 3rd Sunday of Easter - Happy Mother's Day (5/8/2011)

Greetings from Suffolk; it was a nice, albeit kind of gray, Mother’s Day. We took a break from auditioning organists and celebrated the third Sunday of Easter. We had a good discussion of the passage about the believers on the road to Emmaus and how God meets us along the way in ways that we don't always recognize.

Today we are remembered loved ones, mothers and friends, who have moved on to new places and have made impacts on our lives. We especially remembered the life of Renate Brady. I hope you enjoy today’s sermon is entitled “God calls us to move when we are cut to the heart.”

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sermon for Easter 2 (A) - May 1, 2011

Happy Easter! It was a day of mixed emotions; we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus but that celebration was tempered with the death of one of our long time members, Mrs. Renate (Renee) Hildegard Brady this past Friday. Even with that we had a wonderful day in sunny Suffolk as we began our journey through the 50 days of Easter. Spring is in the air and we celebrated “Thomas’ Sunday.” Today’s sermon was entitled “through Jesus’ resurrection we are called to share the life-changing message of God in Christ.” Blessings to you all.

We will celebrate the life and ministry of Mrs. Brady on Wednesday May 4th at 7:00 pm at St. John’s. Please come and join us in our celebration of Renate’s life among us.