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Welcome to St. John's community. We are honored to serve Christ, and to open our doors to all. Please feel free to join us for worship. St. John's can trace its history to the founding of Jamestown. The parish is over 350 years old, and the church building itself has stood for 2 and a half centuries. St. John's saw the American Revolution and served as a camp ground for troops during the Civil War. Through it all, St. John's has been a place of worship and a home for those seeking communion with Christ. St. John's has a rich and abiding history. Today, it is as it was... a place to find and be found by Christ.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

St. John's e-News for Sunday September 16, 2012

Upcoming Community Events – There are 2 events on the calendar for November that may be of interest for our Parish.
          (1) On Sunday November 11, from 1-7 pm Wesley Chapel, Oakland Christian, and St. John’s Church; the Chuckatuck and Possum Hollow Ruritan Clubs; the Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department; and other civic organizations will host a buffet dinner. The tickets will be $15/person and the proceeds will go to help Lon Bickham’s family modify their home to allow Lon live a more independent life following his accident in April 2011. Your Vestry has agreed to support this event with advertising and assistance from any who are able to help. Please see the flyer in the Narthex or Parish House for more information and locations to purchase tickets.
          (2) On Saturday November 17, from 9-11 am Impact Suffolk will be holding its 14th annual food giveaway. They will give away food at the tennis courts behind Farm Fresh on North Main Street. They are looking for assistance collecting canned and boxed goods and/or monetary donations. For more information see the flyer in the Narthex or Parish House.
Stewardship (I) – Christian stewardship is grateful and responsible use of God's gifts in the light of God's purpose as revealed in Jesus Christ. Christian stewards, empowered by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves to conscious, purposeful decisions.
          The Episcopal Church Website, A Working Definition of Stewardship Page
September 16, 2012, 10:30 am Holy Eucharist Rite II and Litany of Healing
Lessons for the 16th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 19)
First Lesson:  Proverbs 1:20-33
Psalm:  19
Second Lesson:  James 3:1-12
Gospel:  Mark 8:27-38
Lay Participants for September 16, 2012 - 10:30 am service
Eucharistic Minister:  Jim
Lector:  Kathy
Prayers:  Suze
Ushers:  Steven and Suze
Nursery Attendant:  Kayla
Nursery Assistant:  To be determined
Refreshments:  Les
Sermon for Sunday, Sep. 9: http://chirb.it/J5Og0K
Liturgy Planning – The Liturgy Planning team will meet today following service in the Parish Hall.
Vestry replacements – There will be two members of the Vestry completing their term of service. Ideally, we should have 2 people for every opening to stand for election; if you would like more information about the requirements to serve on the Vestry, the expected time requirements
Bishop’s Days for Parish Leaders – This year’s topic will be “Enlivening Our Faith for Generations to Come” and will be held October 27 at Emmanuel Church in Virginia Beach. This event is NOT just for Vestry members or Wardens but is intended for parish leaders. Bishop's Days will offer 14 workshops from which to choose. For complete information about workshops, schedule, registration and a brochure you can download see the Diocesan Website at http://diosova.org.
Formation ClassesThis coming Sunday we will discuss our Old Testament reading Proverbs 1:20-33 “The Call of Wisdom” from 9:15-10:15 am. Next week’s class will discuss our Old Testament reading Proverbs 31:10-31 “The Teaching of King Lemuel’s Mother.” All are invited to join us for class this Sunday. A reminder; there is nursery service available during the education hour.
Today’s Psalm – We will sing the portion of the Psalter in unison. We will use a metrical version of the Psalter from A New Metrical Psalter by Christopher Webber as we sing Psalm 19 together. The Psalm will be set to Hymn 658, “As long the deer for cooling streams” (Martyrdom) from the Hymnal 1982. The words and music will be found on a bulletin insert.
Chuckatuck VFD Fish Fry – The fire department’s semi-annual fund raiser fish fry will be held Saturday, September 29th from 4-7 P.M. Please come and help them raise funds to support the only wholly volunteer squad in Suffolk.
Thanksgiving Jar – I hear you ask, “What is that neat jar in the Narthex for?” We have a lot to be thankful for in our lives; personally, as a church, and as a community; sometimes we lose sight of those blessings. Parishioners are encouraged to bring or place a brief note about their blessings in the jar in the Narthex and at the end of each month we will offer the jar in our offering and at the end of the year we will review the many blessings we have as a church.
Stewardship (II) - Stewardship is lived out in: Living and telling the Good News; sharing God in seeking justice, peace, and the integrity of creation in an interdependent universe; wisely employing God-given human resources, abilities, and relationships; sharing the material resources we hold and giving them in service, justice, and compassion; providing for future generations, sharing in the life, worship, and responsible stewardship of the Church and of its mission.  Both for the individual and for the community, stewardship is a joyful act for the sake of God's world.
          The Episcopal Church Website, A Working Definition of Stewardship Page
Thought for the week – Name: Everything God created he immediately named. “God called the light day, God called the dome sky, God called the dry land earth.” God called me Geoffrey! God called you by your name, for we are created for relationship. God yearns to know and love everything he has created intimately.
-Br. Geoffrey Tristam
Society of Saint John the Evangelist
Upcoming Events:
Thu. Sep. 13th        * St. John Singers rehearsal – 7:00 pm (Sanctuary)
Sun. Sep. 16th        * Healing Eucharist
                             * Liturgy Planning Team meeting (Parish House)
Mon. Sep. 17th        * G. F. W. C. Junto Women’s Club meeting – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
                             (Parish Hall)
Thu. Sep. 20th        * St. John Singers rehearsal – 7:00 pm (Choir Room)
Thu. Sep. 27th        * St. John Singers rehearsal – 7:00 pm (Choir Room)
Sat. Sep. 29th        * 5th Saturday Luncheon at Salvation Army
                             * Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department Fish Fry
                             4:00-7:00 pm
Sun. Sep. 30th        * 5th Sunday Pastoral Care Sunday
Sun. Oct. 7th          * Discretionary Fund Sunday
Mon. Oct. 8th         * Columbus Day Holiday (office closed)
Sat. Oct. 13th        * James River Rug Hookers – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (Parish House)
Mon. Oct. 15th        * G. F. W. C. Junto Women’s Club meeting – 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
                             (Parish Hall)
Tue. Oct. 16th        * CAPS Board of Directors meeting – 3:00-4:30 pm (WRPC)
Sat. Oct. 27th        *Greater Chuckatuck Historic Foundation Founder’s Day
                             * Bishop’s Day for Parish Leaders (East) – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
                             Emmanuel Virginia Beach
Community Church Websites:
New Community Christian Center                      http://www.nccfamily.us
Oakland Christian Church (UCC)                       http://www.oaklandchristianchurch.com/
Perfecting Saints Church of God in Christ       http://www.pscogic.com/
Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church         http://www.wesleychapelchuckatuck.org
Ebenezer United Methodist Church                 http://ebumc.net/
Pray for Katherine, our presiding bishop; Holly, our bishop; and Les our priest.
St. John’s shut-ins, Marianne, Meriwether, Allen, David, Shirley, Suzanne, Janis, Dominique, Virginia, Lon, Luann, Faye and family, Carter and family, Marvin, Sally, Bill, Heather, Pat, Charles, Barbara, Tina, Kathleen and Fergal, the Chapman family, Hallie, Bette, and Steve.
Serving in the Armed Forces and Overseas: Bryan, Elizabeth, Dane, and Patrick
Parish Cycle of Prayer: Kevin and Terry
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: The Work of the Diocese
Anglican Cycle of Prayer: The Church of the Province of Uganda; The Most Rev. Henry Orombi Archbishop of Uganda & and Bishop of Kampala.
Flowers are given to the Glory of God and in Honor of our wonderful Organist and Music Director Roger Peyton by Anne and Bert.
Birthdays in September
Bette 03                      Lizzie 10
Carroll 11                    Dane 13
Roger 14                     Bob 15
Elizabeth 16                Allen 17
Anniversaries in September
Charles & Lynn 01      Clare & Steve 03
Perk & G. Lee 11
If you are in need of Pastoral Care,
Please call Father Ferguson.
Cell:  757-418-0063
Contact Music Minister Roger Peyton
Website: http://StJohnsSuffolk.blogspot.com
Follow us on Facebook:
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Suffolk VA

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