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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christian education for Sunday December 18, 2011; 4th Sunday of Advent; 2 Samuel 7:1-16; God's Covenant with David

Background: 2 Samuel continues recounting Israel’s nationhood in the Promise Land and its attempt to adapt religious and political institutions to the new reality of Israel ruled by God’s chosen king, David. 2 Samuel helps establish the Davidic line in Israel’s future as the true God-chosen king of Israel.

Theme: David has risen to power and is settling into his kingship under the rules of contemporary Ancient near East culture. David has been given liberty to establish for himself a house in the City of David – Jerusalem. This passage provides a glimpse of God’s enlightenment of both King David and the newly introduced prophet Nathan.

Questions to Ponder
* Please read 2 Samuel 7:1-16 (the addition of verses 12-15).
* Why might David have wanted to build a house (temple) for God (יהוה)?
* Why might Nathan make his first appearance in the Old Testament at this time and place?
* Why might Nathan have given David carte blanche to build a temple?
* Why might God speak to Nathan instead of David? Especially since David is God’s chosen king in Israel.
* What might God be calling into question with Nathan and Nathan’s response to David? In this passage, what “hats” might Nathan be wearing?
* What might the implication of this portion of the passage be for us? How might God’s interaction with Nathan be either a blessing or a curse for us?
* Why might God have been so quick to interact with and correct Nathan in this passage? Does Nathan’s connection with God in this manner influence Nathan’s credibility? If so, how?
* What might God’s “rest from all your enemies” be that is promised to David? Does the promise of rest seem consonant with what is known about Israel’s future?
* How might God make a house for David?
* Why might God have promised David that one of his offspring would build God a house? Why might God not want David to build God’s temple?
* In verses 13-15, God promises to establish David’s heir’s throne forever yet we know that Solomon will end up being set down because of his sin. Why might God have promised that Solomon would be established forever then add the caveat “when he commits iniquity…” making it appear God knew Solomon would fail? Do you think that makes God’s covenant with David conditional?
* How is the promise that David’s house will be “made sure before God” a reality for us? How might this promise be assured in Jesus’ life?
* What applications do we draw from this passage?

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